Automated chats with Pages on Messenger

Pages can message you using Meta APIs on our Developer Platform to create automated chats on Messenger. At this time, a small number of Pages can also use AI from Meta to generate responses in Messenger.
Where legally required, automated chats must tell you when you're interacting with them. This includes:
  • At the beginning of the conversation
  • After a significant lapse of time
  • When the conversation is passed from a human back to an automated chat
Pages can also remind you when messages are automated or generated by AI, even when it isn't legally required.
When you start a conversation with an automated chat, or when an AI from Meta generates responses in the chat, the chat will indicate that it's automated or using AI.
Facebook and Messenger from Meta may also use automated chats.
About AIs for business messaging
To provide you with faster service, some Pages may use AIs from Meta to generate responses in chats on Messenger. These messages are labeled generated by AI. AI responses are based on business information, but some may not be accurate or appropriate. Conversations with AIs from Meta are shared with you, the business and Meta. We may use your feedback, chat history and messages sent to businesses to improve AI quality.
Stop receiving messages from an automated chat or an AI from Meta
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