Why you may be blocked from using features on Facebook

We understand that you may have had good intentions or may have not known about our policies on acceptable behavior, and we also understand that this block can be frustrating. To help keep Facebook open and welcoming, we try to prevent people from unintentionally misusing Facebook, even if you felt that what you did was acceptable.
Why you may be blocked
  • Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems.
  • Messages or friend requests you sent were marked unwelcome.
  • You've done something that doesn't follow our Community Standards.
Note: The length of a block depends on the severity of the violation and your history on Facebook.

How to avoid blocks in the future
  • Review our Community Standards to understand what kind of sharing is allowed on Facebook.
  • Only message people you already know.
  • Only send friend requests to people you know.
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