How do I log into Messenger when I’m chatting in guest mode on a business’s website?

Guest mode lets you chat with a business on their website using the Facebook Chat plugin without a Facebook account.
You can leave guest mode by logging into Messenger from your chat.
Some things you can do in a chat when logged into Messenger that you can't do in guest mode include the ability to:
  • Send attachments.
  • Save your chat history with the business.
  • Get notified if the business messages you on Messenger later.
Remember that if you log into Messenger on a business's website, you'll stay logged in on your web browser.
Learn more about how guest mode works.
How to log into Messenger when in guest mode
To log into Messenger when chatting with a business in guest mode:
  1. In the top right of the chat, click more.
  2. Click Continue in Messenger.
Your chat will refresh and then show you a new chat that has you logged into your Messenger account. You can continue the conversation from there.
You'll also get a copy of your guest mode chat history in a message attachment if you haven't messaged the business from your account before.
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