How Messenger chats work for Facebook classes

Instructors and learners in Facebook classes can communicate in Messenger chats automatically created at the beginning of a class (a one-time event) or course (a series of classes). The same chat is used throughout an entire course of classes.
Chats attached to classes or courses will:
  • Appear in the Chats list in Messenger
  • Include people registered in the class and show their personal Facebook profiles
  • Be administered by the instructor who creates the class or course
  • Be limited to chat admins and those registered in the class, and not open to any other people, even after the class has ended
  • Remain open for continued communication after the class has ended
Note: If a class takes place in a video call on Messenger, the same chat attached to the class is used in the video call, meaning that messages sent in the call will also be visible to everyone in the class chat, even after the call ends.
Similar to any other group chat, you can leave a class chat anytime without being removed from the class or course, and rejoin the chat from the Event page. If you withdraw from the class or course, you will be automatically removed from the chat.
Instructors will be asked to provide a welcome message to start the chat when creating the class, in the step titled Message the Class. Learn how to create a class on Facebook.
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