Why am I being asked to install the Messenger app?

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When you try to check messages on the Facebook app, you'll be asked to install the Messenger app so that you can have more features. Some include the ability to:
  • Text, call or video call your friends for free using your existing data plan.
  • Immediately see your messages and conversations when you open the app.
  • Get push notifications on your phone or tablet so you see each message when it arrives.
  • Switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications.
  • Block messages from specific people.
After you install Messenger, all your messages and contacts will be waiting for you in the app. To see your messages on the Facebook website, open a web browser from your computer or phone and go to www.facebook.com.
How to get the app:
Messenger is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop computers and some feature phones. To get the mobile app, go to fb.me/msgr or visit the app store on your phone or tablet.
You can download the Messenger desktop app at the Mac App Store or the Windows App Store .
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