How do I chat with a business on their website using guest mode?

Guest mode lets you chat with a business on their website using the Facebook Chat plugin without a Facebook account.
When you start a chat as a guest, a temporary guest account is created that will be available on the browser where you started the conversation for 24 hours from creation or until you end the chat.
Remember that even if you close your browser, the business can still message your guest account for 24 hours or until you end the chat. You'll see the messages when you return to the website.
Start a chat with a business in guest mode
  1. Click in the bottom corner.
  2. Click Continue as Guest.
  3. Create and send your message.
End a chat as a guest user and delete the temporary account
  1. In your chat window, click in the top corner.
  2. Click End Chat.
The messages remain on your browser for up to 24 hours from chat creation. Businesses aren't able to send messages to your guest account after you end the chat or after 24 hours from creation.
The conversation also remains in the business's inbox until the business deletes it. We don't share your name, email address or other Facebook account information with the business when you use guest mode.
Any messages that you choose to send to the business while using guest mode will come from a user named “Guest” and a random number.
When you end the chat, the guest account is marked for deletion within 48 hours and deleted within 32 days.
Learn about the information Facebook receives when you use guest mode and how we use it. You can also learn more about privacy and safety in Messenger.
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