How do I create a video call on Facebook Feed?

You can create a video chat calls from your Facebook Feed. When you create a call, you can choose to allow anyone with the link or only people you approve to join.
You can also create a room for your group or event. Rooms created for a group or event may have different settings and room creator controls.
To create a room to share on your Feed:
  1. From , scroll down to Rooms.
  2. Below your profile picture, click Create.
When you create a room, you can add a room name, choose who can join your room and add a start time. You can always edit these settings later.
To add a room name:
  1. Click Room name.
  2. Click an activity or New to create a new name.
To add a start time:
  1. Click Start time .
  2. Click Start Date to set a start date.
  3. Click Start Time to set a time.
  4. Click Save.
If you add a start time for your room, people you invite can say they are interested in joining your room.
If you say you're interested in a room, you'll be notified you when the room starts. Your Facebook friends who are invited to the same room will be able to see that you're interested in joining that room.
To let all your Facebook friends see and join your room:
  1. Next to Visible to all friends, click .
  2. Click Create Room.
To only allow specific friends to enter and join your room:
  1. Click Create Room
  2. Search for a friend to invite. Next to their name, click Send.
From inside your room, you can turn on the ability to have only people you approve join the room. You can also allow anyone with the room link to join your room from this setting.
To choose who can join your room from inside your room:
  1. From your room, click See call participants.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Next to Who can join?, click Select room permission.
  4. Click an option.
If you remove someone from a room, these settings will automatically be set to Only people you approve. To let the removed participant rejoin the room, you can select the Anyone with a link option.
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