How do I stay safe on calls in Messenger?

We built video and audio calls with privacy and safety top of mind, so you can feel comfortable connecting with your friends, family and communities. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when joining and meeting people in a Messenger call:
1) Don’t do or share things that make you uncomfortable. You never have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable like sharing photos, videos or information with someone, even if you’ve shared with them before.
2) Be aware of who can be in a call. When joining a call, keep in mind that call can contain people you don’t know.
3) Don’t share personal information. This includes things like your address or financial information.
4) Report inappropriate messages and unwanted calls. You can report the call name or a call participant if you believe that they go against our Community Standards.
Reports will not include audio or video from the call. You can also report a call chat conversation.
5) Block if you need to. If you have a Facebook account, you can block other Facebook users.
When you block someone on Facebook or Messenger, they won’t be able to join a call you created or are in if both you and they are logged into Facebook or Messenger.
If you find yourself in a call with a person you blocked, you can always leave a call. Learn more about Messenger privacy settings and safety at Facebook.
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