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People can only join a call chat and send a message by entering the call while logged into Facebook or Messenger.
Send a message in a call created for your group or event
  1. From your call, click in the top right.
  2. Create a message and click to send.
You can also use call chats to send:
  • Links
  • Pictures and videos
  • GIFs and stickers
  • Reactions to messages
  • Polls
The chat will appear and stay in your Messenger or Facebook chat list after the call ends or if you leave. Remember that new people outside of the call can't be added to a chat, even after the call ends. If no one sends a message during the call, a group message won't be created in your Messenger or Facebook chat list.
Anyone logged into their Facebook or Messenger account who's in your call or joins later will be able to see, receive and keep a record of any messages you or anyone else sent in the call's chat. This includes messages sent before they joined the call and after they left the call.
People who are removed from a call will also be removed from the call chat, but can still see and hold onto the messages that were sent before they were removed if they search their archived conversations.
Keep in mind that people can only join the call chat by entering the call. People who anonymously join the call using a link without logging into their account will not be able to see or enter the chat. Learn about what to do if you feel uncomfortable in a call.
See who's currently in your call chat
Desktop App:
  1. From your call, click [number] People Here in the bottom left.
  2. Click People to see a list of participants.
Desktop (
  1. From your call, click on at the bottom to see a list of participants.
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