Choose who can join a video or audio call

This new feature may not be available for everyone.
When you create a video or audio call from Messenger or Facebook, you can choose to set up your call so that only people with your permission can join. As the call creator, you can control who joins and sees your call, and remove guests at any time.
Learn how to choose the settings for a call created from your Facebook Feed from your computer.
From inside your call, you can turn on the ability to have only people you approve join the call. You can also choose to allow anyone with the call link to join your call from this setting.
To choose who can join from inside your call:
  1. From your call, click See call participants.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Next to Who can join?, click an option. Note that the default is set to Anyone with the link, and you can change it to Only people you approve.
If you remove someone from a call, your settings are automatically set to Only people you approve. To let the removed participant rejoin the call, you can select the Anyone with the link option.
Learn how to end a call you created. Ending the call removes all members and disables the link.
Call settings for classes
If you're using a call for a public class on Facebook, you can select Anyone with the link. For private or paid classes, you can select Anyone who has registered. These settings apply to all new calls that you create.
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