Chat with a business using Messenger on their website in Microsoft Edge

You can chat with businesses with Messenger available on their website by logging into your Messenger account from their site. How you log into your account depends on what web browser you use.
To chat on a business's site from a Microsoft Edge browser, you may need to:
  • Update your browser permission settings.
    To log into your Messenger account outside of, your browser has to give us permission to access your storage information (or cookies). This helps us recognize you and let you into your account.
    Learn how to update your permission settings for Microsoft Edge, so you can login and chat with a business from that browser.
    Note: The Meta Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy all apply.
  • Chat using guest mode.
    Guest mode lets you chat with a business on their website without your Facebook account.
    If you don't want to update your Microsoft Edge permission settings or log into your Messenger account, you can learn how to chat with a business using guest mode instead.
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