How suggested responses work on Messenger

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This feature may not be available for some countries, including but not limited to Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and countries located in Europe.
You can use suggestions that appear in Messenger to respond to messages. Suggestions can display information that’s associated with your Meta account or answers created by businesses to help you respond faster.
Note: The content of suggestions isn't shared with a person or business unless you tap on the suggestion to send it.

Send a suggestion
Suggestions will appear in your chat when they’re available. To send a suggestion, tap on the one you’d like to send.

How Pages use suggestions
We also offer suggestions to businesses, including replies and actions they may choose to take to react to your messages. These smart features are offered as a functionality to help businesses respond faster on Messenger, but it is ultimately up to the business whether to use or reject these suggestions.
We suggest potential replies the business can send by conducting an automated processing of the chat. Once a business starts typing a response, we may suggest how to finish it using automated processing that is conducted on the business’ device (not on Meta's servers), before they send a message. We do not use human review to make these suggestions.
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