Restore end-to-end encrypted chats with a PIN on Messenger

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This feature is gradually being introduced and may not be available to you yet.
If you saved your chats in secure storage from Messenger, you can restore your chats on a new device with a PIN. This is the PIN you created when you first turned on secure storage.
Restore chats with a PIN
  1. On a computer, go to
  2. Enter your PIN and follow the on-screen instructions.
Reset your PIN
If you need to reset your PIN, you must use a device that has secure storage on.
  1. Open Messenger on your device with secure storage on and tap your profile photo in the corner.
  2. Tap Privacy & safety.
  3. Tap End-to-end encrypted chats.
  4. Tap Secure storage.
  5. Tap Reset PIN.
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