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Play together is a new feature and actively in development. It is not available in all areas or on all devices at this time.
Play together lets you and your friends play virtual games together during Messenger video calls. There must be two or more people in your call to play games. Play together is currently only available on the Messenger app for iPhone and Android, or a computer on
Play a game during a call
  1. Tap . If you don’t see this icon, you may need to tap your screen first to show call controls.
  2. Tap . If you don’t see this icon, you may not have enough people in the call who are eligible to use play together.
  3. Choose a game, then tap Start Game.
After you choose a game, you may need to accept permissions from that game before playing.
If you experience any issues with play together, please report them by either shaking your phone or tapping and then tapping Report a problem. Your reports will help us to continually improve the play together experience.
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