What is cross-app communication?

Messenger and Instagram’s cross-app communication feature allows you to chat with and call your friends, family and other contacts across the two apps.
From Messenger, you’ll be able to contact someone's Instagram account. Instagram accounts can also send you messages or call you, and you'll receive those cross-app messages and calls in your Messenger Chats List. You’ll automatically get this experience on your Messenger app by updating to the latest version.
When someone on Instagram wants to start a chat with you, they'll be able to search for you based on your public profile information, which you can review or change by visiting your Facebook profile. If an Instagram account sends you a message request, you'll have the option to block, delete or reply, and they won't know you've seen the request unless you reply. Learn how to control who can reach your Chats List or block someone’s messages on Messenger. You’ll be able to see more message delivery options after you add your Instagram account to your Accounts Center.
Keep in mind that:
  • When searching for a friend in Messenger, you may see both Instagram and Messenger results for the same contact. You can start separate conversations with both of these accounts.
  • Whenever you accept a message request from another account, they’ll also be able to start a call or video chat with you, see information like your Active Status and see when you’ve seen their messages.
  • If you can’t send a message to someone’s Instagram username from Messenger, it may be because cross-app communication is not available in their region or they haven’t added their Instagram account to their Accounts Center yet.
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