Why are some messaging features unavailable for my Messenger Kids account?

If you or your child can’t send a message to someone on Messenger Kids, reasons may include:

App Problems
If you or your child have trouble sending a message, there may be a problem with your app.

New Messaging Rules in Europe
New messaging service rules apply to communication services in Europe and may affect which Messenger Kids features are available to you and your child.
To respect these new rules for messaging services in the European Region, some Messenger Kids features will be unavailable to you or your child if:
  • You live in Europe.
  • Your child tries to friend an account that belongs to someone in Europe.

Unavailable features may include:
  • Sending messages, photos and other media.
  • Starting a group chat.
  • Making audio or video calls.
  • Logging into Messenger Kids.
We understand that this may be an unexpected change and you may have more questions. You can learn more about the changes to Facebook's messaging services in Europe at the Facebook Newsroom or give us any feedback.
Keep in mind that Messenger Kids is only available to download in specific countries.
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