Create a broadcast channel on Facebook or Messenger

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Broadcast channels are not currently available in all countries or on all platforms. If you do not see broadcast channels for your Page and your Page has more than 10,000 followers, you may be able to request early access.
If you have Facebook access with full or partial control of a Page, you can create broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger. Broadcast channels allow you to share one-way messages like announcements, exclusive content and more with your community.
In broadcast channels, only people with full or partial control of a Page can send content. People who join a broadcast channel can read and react to messages in the channel, as well as vote in polls, but they cannot send messages.
If you create a broadcast channel on Facebook or Messenger, you are automatically the admin of that channel. Channels created on Messenger are automatically pinned to the top of your Inbox. Learn more about managing broadcast channels.
Note: Your followers will not be notified to join your channel until you send the first message.
Create a broadcast channel from Facebook
  1. From your Page profile, click Channels in the menu below your profile picture.
  2. Click Create channel.
  3. Enter a name for your broadcast channel and add an optional channel image. If you don’t add an image, the image will default to your Page profile picture.
  4. Click Create broadcast channel.
  5. Send a message in the broadcast channel. This will notify your followers to join the channel.
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